Nescafe Canada: Threely Awesome!

Coffee, Cream and Sugar is definitely a Threelly Awesome combination!
Check out the Threelly Awesome cel animations for Nescafé Canada.

How awesome can a blending of an OYSTER, a FISH and a BEAUTIFUL GIRL be? Sexy, would you say?
Ariel has just lost her position as the “2014 Miss of the Seas”.
How awesome can a blending of a HORSE, a RAINBOW and a HORN be? Fabulous, would you say?
I bet  this is the way North Koreans created their own Unicorns.
How awesome can a blending of a BAT, a ZIPPO and a LIZARD be? Epic, would you say?
Well, actually, G.R.R Martin says  this was his inspiration to create GoT.
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