ASD Clinical Trial films: Octopus and Camel

Picnic Studio from London asked me to do the art and character design for 2 short films about Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition that affects roughly 1 in every 59 children worldwide. ASD inhibits understanding of language, resulting in great difficulties communicating and interacting with others. Currently there is no known cure, so ongoing clinical trials are needed to further our understanding of the condition.
Healthcare specialist agency Langland tasked Picnic Studio in London with creating 2 explainer films tailor made for one such trial. The feeling of being ‘out of place’ is commonplace among sufferers, so PICNIC helped create 2 characters who are very much out of their comfort zone: 
The characters are tailor-made to put little viewers at ease and hopefully coax a few snorts and giggles.
Their companionship reassures patients that they’re not alone - there are hundreds of other kids, Camels and Octopuses going through the very same process.
Agency - Langland
Writing, Storyboards and Direction - Picnic Studio
Illustration and Character Design - Juan Molinet
Lead Animator - Joe Bichard
Animation - Marah Curran
Sound Design and Music - Daniele Carmosino
Production - Thierry Levi

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