About The Bureau
Le Bureau des Monstres, is the ministery of monsters, runned by me, Juan Molinet, the minister himself, who, in turn, was formerly known as "Rey Misterio".

I`m an art director, character designer, and illustrator currently working freelance.

Before taking command of the Bureau, I worked for four years at Peppermelon.tv, where i developed into a versatile character designer, having to adapt to the demands of the different and challenging projects we faced.

While i was working there, i continued to work as a freelance illustrator, participating in several publications, as well as collaborations with other artists.

I like robots, ancient cultures, toys, rubberhose animation, food, surrealism, pop culture of any country, kaiju, destruction, obscure things and much more!

If you want to say hello, please drop a mail at juanmolinet@lebureau.tv

You can also find me on twitter @juanmolinet as well as in Flickr and Behance